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North Dakota Emancipation of Minor Law

Minors – Emancipation of Minor – North Dakota

North Dakota does not have a statutory emancipation scheme, nor a history of common law emancipation. However, under the statutes listed below, minors are afforded certain rights and protections of adults despite their lack of majority.

14-10-03: Minor or person of unsound mind liable for wrongs.

A minor or a person of unsound mind of whatever degree is liable civilly for a wrong done by the minor or person of unsound mind in like manner as any other person.

14-10-04: Minor’s rights of action.

A minor may enforce the minor’s rights by civil action or other legal proceedings in the same manner as an adult, except that a guardian ad litem must be appointed to conduct the same.

14-10-10: Contracts of minor.

Unless otherwise provided by the laws of this state, a minor may make any contract other than contracts specified in section 14-10-09 in the same manner as an adult, subject only to the minor’s power of disaffirmance.

14-10-17: Minors – Treatment for sexually transmitted disease – Drug abuse – Alcoholism.

Any person of the age of fourteen years or older may contract for and receive examination, care, or treatment for sexually transmitted disease, alcoholism, or drug abuse without permission, authority, or consent of a parent or guardian.

14-10-17.1: Minor’s emergency care.

A minor may contract for and receive emergency examination, care, or treatment in a life-threatening situation without the consent of the minor’s parent or guardian.

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