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Minnesota Emancipation of Minor Law

Minors – Emancipation of Minor – Minnesota

§507.02: Conveyances by spouses; powers of attorney.

If the owner is married, no conveyance of the homestead, except a mortgage for purchase money under section 507.03, a conveyance between spouses pursuant to section 500.19, subdivision 4, or a severance of a joint tenancy pursuant to section 500.19, subdivision 5, shall be valid without the signatures of both spouses. A spouse’s signature may be made by the spouse’s duly appointed attorney-in-fact.

Spouses who are married to each other may convey the real estate of either by their joint deed. A spouse, by separate deed, may convey any real estate owned by that spouse, except the homestead, subject to the rights of the other spouse therein; and either spouse may, by separate conveyance, relinquish all rights in the real estate so conveyed by the other spouse. Subject to the foregoing provisions, either spouse may separately appoint an attorney-in-fact to sell or convey any real estate owned by that spouse, or join in any conveyance made by or for the other spouse. Use of a power of attorney is subject to section 518.58, subdivision 1a. A minor spouse has legal capacity to join in a conveyance of real estate owned by the other spouse, so long as the minor spouse is not incapacitated because of some reason other than that spouse’s minor age.

Note: For judicial emancipation requirements, please see In re Application of County of St. Louis to Determine Settlement of LaDean Fiihr. County of St. Louis v. County of Scott; 289 Minn. 322; 184 N.W.2d 22 (1971).

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