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Wyoming Age of Majority Law

Minors – Age of Majority – Wyoming

Age of majority; rights on emancipation.

(a) Upon becoming eighteen (18) years of age, an individual reaches the age of majority and as an adult acquires all rights and responsibilities granted or imposed by statute or common law, except as otherwise provided by law.

(b) A minor may consent to health care treatment to the same extent as if he were an adult when:

(i) The minor is or was legally married;
(ii) The minor is in the active military service of the United States;
(iii) The parents or guardian of the minor cannot with reasonable diligence be located and the minor’s need for health care treatment is sufficiently urgent to require immediate attention; or
(iv) The minor is living apart from his parents or guardian and is managing his own affairs regardless of his source of income; or
(v) The minor is emancipated under W.S. 14-1-201 through 14-1-206.

(c) The consent given pursuant to subsection (b) of this section is not subject to disaffirmance because of minority.

(d) Any competent adult may enter into a binding contract and shall be legally responsible therefor.

(e) A person who is at least eighteen (18) years of age may consent to donate and may donate blood.

Title 14, Chapter 1, Art. 1, §14-1-101

Age of Majority
18 (§14-1-101)

Through marriage, military service, or at age 17 if living separate, apart from parents; parents consent to living arrangement; minor deemed capable of handling financial affairs; and income is lawfully derived (14-1-201, et seq.)

Not specified

Ability to Sue
General guardian, committee, conservator; otherwise by next friend or guardian ad litem, (Wy Rule of Civil Proc. 17(c))

Consent to Medical Treatment
Yes if married, military, guardian can’t be located, or living apart and self-supporting or is emancipated (14-1-101)

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