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South Dakota Age of Majority Law

Minors – Age of Majority – South Dakota

Minors are natural male persons and natural female persons under eighteen years of age. The periods thus specified must be calculated from the first minute of the day on which persons are born, to the same minute of the corresponding day completing the period of minority.

Title 26, Chap. 26-1, §26-1-1

Age of Majority
18 (§26-1-1)

Minors become emancipated by (1) marrying; (2) serving on active duty military service; or (3) receiving a court declaration of emancipation. This requires parental agreement. (25-5-19; 25-5-24).

Minors can enter binding contracts but can disaffirm as permitted by law. Minors cannot make contracts regarding real property or personal property not under the minor’s immediate control. Minors can disaffirm a contract before the age of eighteen, a year after turning 18, or by restoring consideration plus interest to the other party. (26-2-1, et seq.).

Ability to Sue
Through a guardian or conservator or by a guardian ad litem (15-6-17(c))

Consent to Medical Treatment
Minors of any age may consent to treatment for venereal disease (§34-23-16)

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