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South Carolina Age of Majority Law

Minors – Age of Majority – South Carolina

Every citizen of the United States and of this State of the age of eighteen and upwards who is properly registered is entitled to vote as provided by law. (1997 Act No. 15, Section 1, eff April 17, 1997.)

When used in this chapter and unless otherwise defined or the specific context indicates otherwise:

(1) “Child” means a person under the age of eighteen.

Title 20, Chapter 7, Article 1, § 20-7-30.

Age of Majority
18 (§15-1-320

Not specified

No, except for necessaries and if contract is signed in writing promising ratification after age 18 (20-7-250, et seq.)

Ability to Sue
By representative, next friend, or guardian ad litem (R. Civ. Pro. 17(c))

Consent to Medical Treatment
Married minor or their spouse may consent to diagnostic, therapeutic, or post mortem (§20-7-270); or may consent if over 16 (20-7-280)

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