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North Dakota Age of Majority Law

Minors – Age of Majority – North Dakota

Minors are persons under eighteen years of age. In this code, unless otherwise specified, the term “child” means “minor”. Age must be calculated from the first minute of the day on which persons are born to the same minute of the corresponding day completing the period of minority.

Title 14, §14-10-01

Adults defined.
All persons eighteen years of age and over are adults.

Title 14, §14-10-02

Age of Majority
18 (§14-10-01)

Marriage (§14-09-20)

May be disaffirmed upon age of majority or within 1 year thereafter; exception contract for reasonable value of necessary support or a statutory contract; cannot make contracts re personal or real property not in immediate possession or control, otherwise may contract subject to disaffirmance (14-10-09 et seq.)

Ability to Sue
May sue or be sued, but court must appoint guardian ad litem (14-10-04)

Consent to Medical Treatment
Any minor may consent to emergency medical care (§14-10-17.1). Minors 14 or older may consent to treatment for venereal disease or substance abuse (§14-10-17).

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