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New York Age of Majority Law

Minors – Age of Majority – New York

A “minor” or “infant”, as used in this chapter, is a person under the age of eighteen years.

Chapter 14, ARTICLE 1, Section 2

Age of Majority
18 (Dom. Rel. §2)

Not specified

May disaffirm most contracts if disaffirmed within reasonable time after reaching majority; exceptions: (1). certain loans; (2). married infant buying home; (3). providing medical care for self/child; (4). for performing athletic or arts services if court-approved; (5). life insurance if 15 or over; (6). or if veteran or veteran’s spouse (Gen. Oblig. §§3-101, et seq.)

Ability to Sue
Through guardian or parent, adult spouse, guardian ad litem appointed by court or by infant if over 14 (Civ. Prac. L. & R. §1201)

Consent to Medical Treatment
If married, parent, pregnant, or in an emergency (Pub. He. §2504)

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