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Missouri Age of Majority Law

Minors – Age of Majority – Missouri

As used in sections 211.442 to 211.487, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the following terms mean:

(1) “Child”, an individual under eighteen years of age;

(2) “Minor”, any person who has not attained the age of eighteen years;

(3) “Parent”, biological parent or parents of a child, as well as, the husband of a natural mother at the time the child was conceived, or a parent or parents of a child by adoption, including both the mother and the putative father of a child. The putative father of a child shall have no legal relationship unless he, prior to the entry of a decree under sections 211.442 to 211.487, has acknowledged the child as his own by affirmatively asserting his paternity.

Title XII, Chap. 211, §211.442

Age of Majority
18 (common law)

If married, minor may convey or encumber real estate if spouse is of age (§442.040)

May be ratified after 18 (§431.060); for real property, may be disaffirmed within 2 years (§442.080)

Ability to Sue
By guardian, next friend, or court appointed (CR §52.02)

Consent to Medical Treatment
Minor may consent if: married; treatment is for pregnancy, excluding abortion; venereal disease, drug or substance abuse

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