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Kansas Age of Majority Law

Minors – Age of Majority – Kansas

The period of minority extends in all persons to the age of eighteen (18) years, except that every person sixteen (16) years of age or over who is or has been married shall be considered of the age of majority in all matters relating to contracts, property rights, liabilities and the capacity to sue and be sued.

Chap. 38, Art. 1, §38-101

Age of Majority
18, 16 if married (§38-101

At discretion of the court (§38-109)

Valid for necessities; also for other contracts unless disaffirmed in reasonable time after majority is obtained and money, property restored(§38-102); may consummate insurance contracts but must have consent of parents and cosignature of party over age 18 (§40-237)

Ability to Sue
Through infant’s representative; if no representative, then through next friend or guardian ad litem (§60-217(c))

Consent to Medical Treatment
Unmarried pregnant minor may consent to hospital, medical, and surgical care (§38-123); or any minor over 16 (§38-123b)

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