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Georgia Age of Majority Law

Minors – Age of Majority – Georgia

Age of legal majority; residence of persons in state for purpose of attending school.

(a) The age of legal majority in this state is 18 years; until that age all persons are minors.

(b) Nothing in this Code section shall be construed automatically to render an individual a resident of this state when that individual is in the state for the purpose of attending school. In the case of such individual, his residence will be considered to be the state in which his parents reside if under the laws of that state the individual would still be considered a minor and he is incapable of proving his emancipation.

Title 39, Chapter 1, §39-1-1

Age of Majority
18 (§39-1-1)

Not specified

Generally voidable; however, if benefits continue after age of majority, contract is valid (§13-3-20)

Ability to Sue
Through guardian or guardian ad litem (§29-4-7); suit started by infant alone not void but guardian must be appointed before verdict (§9-2-28)

Consent to Medical Treatment
18 for treatment in general (§31-9-2); if treatment is for VD, minor may consent; female minor has valid consent for treatment in connection with pregnancy

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