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Colorado Age of Majority Law

Minors – Age of Majority – Colorado

(1) Notwithstanding any other provision of law enacted or any judicial decision made prior to July 1, 1973, every person, otherwise competent, shall be deemed to be of full age at the age of eighteen years or older for the following specific purposes:

(a) To enter into any legal contractual obligation and to be legally bound thereby to the full extent as any other adult person; but such obligation shall not be considered a family expense of the parents of the person who entered into the contract, under section 14-6-110, C.R.S.;
(b) To manage his estate in the same manner as any other adult person. This section shall not apply to custodial property given or held under the terms of the “Colorado Uniform Transfers to Minors Act”, article 50 of title 11, C.R.S., or property held for a protected person under the “Colorado Probate Code”, article 14 of title 15, C.R.S., unless otherwise permitted in said articles;
(c) To sue and be sued in any action to the full extent as any other adult person in any of the courts of this state, without the necessity for a guardian ad litem or someone acting in his behalf;
(d) To make decisions in regard to his own body and the body of his issue, whether natural or adopted by such person, to the full extent allowed to any other adult person.

Title 13, §13-22-101

Age of Majority
21 (2-4-401(6))

Occurs upon attainment of majority; Koltay v. Koltay 667 P.2d 1374 (Colo. 1983

18 (§13-22-101(1)(a))

Ability to Sue
18 (§13-22-101(1)(c)); by guardian or representative (Col. R. Civ. Pro. 17(c))

Consent to Medical Treatment
18 (§13-22-101(1)(d)), or 15 if living apart from parents and paying own expenses (§13-22-103(1))

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